National Youth Cricket League - Rules & Guidelines

Detailed Rules

COVID-19 Guidelines

Click the link below for details about NYCL COVID-19 guidelines.

1. Age Limit

Tournament will be conducted in 5 age categories listed below.

  • U11 - Born after 09/01/2010
  • U13 - Born after 09/01/2008
  • U15 - Born after 09/01/2006
  • U17 - Born after 09/01/2004
  • U19 - Born after 09/01/2002
  • Women - No age limit

To encourage more female participation, girls will be allowed to participate, one level below their age cut-off date. For example, if a girl qualifies to be participate in U17 as per above age cut-off date, she can participate one level down in U15. U15 girls can play in U13 and so on.

2. Match Duration

  • All Matches - Matches will consist of one innings per side and each innings will be limited to 20-40 overs based on age group. All sides are expected to complete the bowling of their allocated overs within the time allowed of 90 to 180 minutes per inning. Excluding the drinks breaks and injury time.
  • Hours of Play and Intervals and Conditions of Play – all games will be played under the General ICC Laws AND the Spirit of Cricket guidelines.

3. Start and Cessation Times

  • Schedule start time as published on the website.
  • Maximum of 10 minutes interval between innings.
  • The toss MUST be done 15 minutes before the normal start of play between the two captains or their representatives. In the event of a team (i.e. 7 or more players present) not being able to comply, the opposing team is awarded the toss.

4. Drink Breaks

  • Drinks break after half of the allocated overs bowled.
  • Drinks break will be 5 minutes max.
  • Drinks will be taken on the field of play and no extra time will be allowed. Drinks breaks allowed after half of the allocated overs bowled, however layer(s) may be allowed drinks in natural breaks in the game – when a wicket falls, injury breaks, lost ball etc. However this is at the umpires discretion and permission. Drinks and drink breaks will be taken ON the field of play and players require permission to leave the field of play.

5. General Playing Conditions

  • Play shall not commence until at least 7 registered players from each team are present. The scheduled start time of any game is the time shown on the NYCL website.
  • However if the late attending team is not ready to start play within 30 minutes of the scheduled start time the match will be abandoned and full win points (2) awarded to the attending side.
  • Penalty overs will be deducted for late starts by either or both teams. (Start of play is when the umpire calls play).
  • All scoring to be done live and player information to be recorded at start of the game.
  • An incoming batsman MUST pass the outgoing batsman on the field of play (Refer: Penalty Points)
  • All matches must be played in traditional color cricket clothing. Umpires will NOT allow inappropriately dressed persons on the field of play and this rule will be rigidly enforced.
  • Before the first ball of the last over of each innings, the umpire(s) shall call ‘last over’ clearly so that both sides understand.
  • In matches that are played on artificial pitches no spikes will be worn by either batsmen or bowlers and if in the opinion of the umpires the type of footwear is likely to damage or is damaging the surface in any way, they will be asked to change. If the player refuses the player will not be allowed to bat or bowl in that footwear.
  • Mobile phones are not allowed on the field of play and if a player has one and is seen using it or 'ringing' a 5 run penalty will be awarded to the opposing team. It is not acceptable to arrive on the field of play and hand it to the umpire to retain.
  • Discarded clothing/bottles or items that are hit by the ball on the field of play whilst the ball is in play will invoke a 5 run Penalty as in helmet rules to the non-offending team.

6. Length of Innings

General regulations for uninterrupted matches

  • Each team shall have the opportunity to bat for full-allocated overs. If they are dismissed before the completion of these allocated overs or a result is reached, the remaining overs will not be bowled.
  • If the teams batting first are dismissed before the completion of their allocated overs the teams batting second are entitled to have the opportunity to bat for allocated overs.
  • It is the fielding team's Captains responsibility to monitor the time taken to bowl the overs but should seek advice from the umpires about this. However umpires will take into account any circumstances that are outside the control of the fielding side when making this judgment (e.g. delays caused by the batting side e.g. extended time taken to retrieve the ball, delays caused by injuries or access heat issues.

7. Fielding Regulation

Category Pitch Size Ball Size Inner Circle Boundary Circle
U11 21 yards 4.75 oz 20 yards Min 45 yards and Max 50 yards
U13 22 yards 5.5 oz 30 yards Min 50 yards and Max 55 yards
U15 22 yards 5.5 oz 30 yards Min 55 yards and Max 60 yards
U17 22 yards 5.5 oz 30 yards Min 60 yards and Max 70 yards
U19 22 yards 5.5 oz 30 yards Min 60 yards and Max 70 yards
Women 22 yards 5 oz 30 yards Min 50 yards and Max 60 yards

For the entire length of the innings: at the instant of delivery, there may not be more than five fielders on the leg side.

8. Fielding Restrictions

  • Younger Player - No young player in the any age group shall be allowed to field closer than 8 yards (7.3 meters) from the middle stump, except behind the wicket on the off side, until the batsman has played at the ball. A fielder shall be allowed to move into the restricted area to make a catch or field the ball provided that they were outside the area when the stroke was made.
  • Power Play Rules - During Power Player, no more than 2 fielders are permitted to be outside this outer fielding restriction area.
  • Non Power Play Rules - No more than five fielders are permitted outside this outer fielding restriction area and no more than five fielders are permitted on leg side.
  • In the event of infringement of any of the above fielding restrictions, the striker’s end umpire will call and signal No Ball.

9. Wides and No Balls

ICC T20 rules will be used for wides and no-balls.

10. The Ball

  • A new ball will be used at the start of each innings.
  • The umpires will decide if and when a ball becomes unfit for use and obtain a replacement.
  • The used ball remains the property of NYCL and must be handed to the umpire at the end of the innings.

11. Points awarded

  • The winning side is awarded 2 points. No points to losing team.
  • It shall be the duty of the captain(s) of the team(s) and the umpire(s) to ascertain between innings the total runs scored by the side batting first and to agree the batting target accordingly.
  • In the case of a NO RESULT each side is awarded 1 point and no bonus point to either side.
  • If team is not available for game to start on time as explained earlier, full points will be awarded to other team. Umpires will decide on awarding the game.

Interrupted Games - In the event of a game been shortened due to weather or delayed during the game by unforeseen circumstances either before the start or during the game:

  • If possible start the game from the beginning with a minimum of 6 overs per side been played.
  • Work out the number of overs to be played by the time left and dividing it by 4 minutes per over.
  • Wherever possible both sides must have the same number of overs to play.
  • Umpires to work out the numbers of overs per bowler of a pro rata basis as well as agreeing the fielding restrictions
  • In any game the team batting second must have the opportunity of batting at least 75% of the overs of the of the other teams allocation.

Abandoned Games

  • In the event of a game is abandoned by any team there will penalty of 2 points
  • Team/Club will be immediately suspended. $250 Penalty need to be submitted for further continuation in the ongoing tournament or return into a future tournament.
12. Team Scorers and Umpires

  • Both teams will appoint a one scorer(s) for each game played. Both scorers and umpires have to tally score sheets after each inning & approve for correctness.
  • Each team may also be required to provide leg umpire during their team is batting, if the host is unable to provide one. Leg umpire should be able to call waist height no balls and run out / stumping call accurately.

13. Penalty Point

Late Starts, Slow Over Rate, Batsmen NOT crossing on Field of Play.

Late starts / Slow over rate / Delays for non-injury breaks etc:

  • Bowling first if Innings (minus injury or drinks break by batsmen) is not complete in 90 minutes – Penalty of 1 over per 4 minute for delay time will be deducted from second inning
  • Bowling second if Innings (minus injury or drinks break by batsmen) is not complete in 90 minutes – Penalty of 6 runs per over remaining after allotted time will be deducted from second inning target and inning will continue till allotted overs are finished.

Start of Play is when the umpire calls 'Play'

14. The Result

The team scoring the highest number of runs will be deemed the winner.

In the event of a tie, the following will apply:

  • One Super over match will take place on same ground.
  • Prior to the commencement of super over, each team elects three batsmen and one bowler and nominated players are given in writing to the game umpires.
  • Umpires select which end to bowl from and both teams use the same end to bowl & bat their over. No Umpire change.
  • Team batting second in the match will bat first in the one over eliminator.
  • Same ball used in their inning will be used. No ball change.
  • No field placement restrictions.
  • In the event of the teams having the same score after super over (tied) has been completed, the team that hit the most number of sixes combined from its two innings in both the main match and the super over shall be the winner.

In case if super over cannot be played due to weather condition, bad light, etc., game will be concluded as “No result” and both teams will receive 1 point.

15. Mankading

The bowler is permitted, before releasing the ball and provided he has not completed his usual delivery swing, to attempt to run out the non-strike. The bowler may/may not provide one warning for the non-striker before attempting Mankading.

16. Batsman Retirement

A batsman can be retired due to injury that happened during the game and that player can return to bat anytime. If strategically retired by coach, he is retired out and cannot come back for batting.

17. Substitute/12th Man

Supersub is allowed. 12th player can be used actively as a batsman or bowler. A supersub is only allowed if we have 12 players at the game start. If all 12 are not present then supersub cannot be used.

Players must be added to the roster before start of the first game of the tournament and cannot be added from the field.

18. ICC T20 Rules

ICC T20 rules will be used for anything not covered in this page.

Weather Related Exception

    Considering the travel and importance of the event, the host would try its best to give four full 20-40 overs game to each team. For this if the game is delayed due to rain/thunderstorm it would be attempted to continue from the point it was stopped. The decision would be made by Tournament Manager and teams are requested to abide and cooperate.
  • Minimum 6 overs per inning is required to obtain a result.
  • Based on weather forecast, A game could also be preponed/postponed. Considering everyone's travel plans the games will not be preponed prior to Day 1 or postponed beyond day 4 of the scheduled event.
  • A new location could also be added so multiple games can be conducted at same time, if a particular time slot rains out.
  • Teams are requested to be accommodative/supportive of these changes which are intended to benefit the teams directly and are forced due to natural causes beyond human control.
  • All updates will be communicated via email, website and/or Facebook, and all the teams are requested to stay connected/informed. Please call the Tournament manager if in doubt.
  • In case the games absolutely cannot be played, then the teams would share points.
  • If the final ranking game rains out, then winner will be declared based on the league round, in below order.
    • Head to head win
    • Points
    • NRR

General guidelines

  • Parents will have to keep distance from their kids during the game. Parents may not get the opportunity to see their kids during the break time unless they need any specific attention which umpires will make a call.
  • Umpires will issue 1 warning to team manager / coach for parent intervention after which penalty rule will be applied based on which team is causing interventions
  • Smoking / Drinking is not allowed in tournament and parents / guardian found in violation will result in their team being penalized and parent being barred from future tournament games.


  • Sledging or an attempt to intimidate a player by passing a negative comment is absolutely unacceptable behavior. Any such behavior should be reported to umpire immediately. The umpire will issue a warning for the first offence. A subsequent offence by will require the player to be removed from the game and the player can no longer participate in the game. Umpire is required to report the matter to NYCL in writing after the game.


  • Each team will get three league games played
  • After the 3 league games the teams will be ranked based on their points and NRR.
  • If an age level has 6 teams or more then the top 4 teams will qualify for semifinals.
  • If an age level has 10 teams or more registered then quarterfinals will be scheduled based on the ranking after the 1st 2 games.

NYCL Individual Awards

Individual Awards/Recognitions are meant to recognize good performances. Below are the awards and how they are decided.

1. Player of the Match – One Man of match will be awarded per game. The winner will be decided by the umpire with input/recommendations from the two coaches/managers (one from each team). If a common decision cannot be made, the umpire makes the final call.
2. Best Batsman - Most runs scored in the tournament including playoffs.
3. Best Bowler – Most Wickets. If a tie then the player with better economy will be selected for the award.
4. MVP of the Tournament – Overall top performer of the tournament

Revised and published on: 06/01/2022 (ball size updated for U13, removed overs and powerplay)


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